First Day of Camp

Adventure Boot Camp for Women First Day of Camp

What do I need to know before attending camp?

  1. Eat a SMALL meal before camp (have something like a slice of whole grain bread or 1-2 egg whites). Avoid juice and high sugar fruits.
  2. Please always arrive on time or a little early.
  3. If you MUST miss a  class, please let your instructor know before that day arrives. It is your responsibility to attend all camp classes during the current session. If you cannot attend  your designated camp time and would like to attend one of the other camp times (if available), please let your instructor know in advance.  NOTE: If you miss camp during this session, you will not be able to make it up during another boot camp session.
  4. Unless otherwise instructed, bring a set of hand weights (3-8 lbs for women — 5 lbs are suggested, an exercise mat (a thicker mat may be preferred), bottle of water, towel, and running shoes (no cross-trainers or walking shoes!) to camp each day.
  5. For maximum benefit, be warmed-up and ready to exercise when camp begins. A cold body is more prone to injury.
  6. Check the weather forecast each night before camp and wear layered clothing. You may find it beneficial to wear a hat and gloves in the winter months.
  7. Avoid perfumes, but be sure to wear deodorant.
  8. Be courteous to neighboring homes by keeping noise levels down.
  9. Avoid all four letter words except "YEAH!"
  10. If you have an unusual ache or pain, tell your instructor immediately!
  11. Work at YOUR own pace and to YOUR own potential. Remember to give 100% effort!
  12. And most importantly, HAVE FUN!!!

How do I contact my coach?

If you need additional information, please contact the coach for your location by phone or email.