Free Nutrition Seminar

Atlanta Adventure Boot Camp: Free Nutrition Seminar

Free Nutrition Seminar

Exercise and Nutrition go hands in hands and Optimal benefits during Boot Camp is achieved by applying the latest, cutting-edge research sports nutrition approaches to weight loss, performance enhancement, post exercise recovery and increased energy.

To maximize personal effort and results over a 4-week Boot Camp program, it is highly recommended that participants practice effective eating strategies.

You will learn these results based eating tools in the Nutritional section of the program.

You are invited this informative Nutrition Seminar where you will learn how to fuel your body, fire up your metabolism, release unwanted fat and get the most results from your exercise program. The seminar is available to any registered camper who is not getting a desired result from their current eating plan, is confused about what to eat, wants to take their body to the next level or wants to prevent disease, live longer stronger years and age beautifully.

Below are some of the topics that will be covered in the session.

  • The Answers to Fat Loss
  • The Facts about Fat Loss
  • Learning how to Nourish and Support your Body
  • Understanding food Labels Positive Behavior Changes
  • Supplements
  • What we really want
  • 3 Pre Requisites for Change
  • What Happens to a Typical Dieter
  • What is Metabolism
  • Are All Calories created equal?
  • Exercise – how to maximize your efforts
  • Setting and Achieving Goals
  • Change

You will have the tools to drop several clothing sizes by attending this seminar alone. There are no supplements or special foods to buy. You will simply come to understand how to eat to live, to energize your body, repair your body, prevent disease and enjoy the process.

Attending this seminar will have a positive influence on the results you experience in camp. If you want to get the most results out of the next 4 weeks, plan to attend this 1 hour empowering nutrition seminar.