Private Boot Camps

Atlanta Adventure Boot Camp: Private Boot Camps

Private Boot Camps

Can’t make it to one of our scheduled boot camp session?

Now you can enjoy the convenience of your own private boot camp!
You get to choose when, where, and even with whom you’ll work out with! You can exercise at home with your spouse… You could work out at the park down the street with your sisters… You can train with your co-workers at the office… You and your neighbors could gather for an evening session… There are so many possibilities… And the choice is yours!

Just let us know where and when you’d like your private boot camp to start, and we’ll set you up with an experienced certified personal trainer at a fraction of the cost (see rates below). Most trainers charge $50 to $100 per hour of fitness instruction. However, for a minimal investment, we can provide you with the quality services of a professional personal trainer.

Simply request your exclusive private boot camp by contacting us at and start enjoying the benefits of your own personal fitness trainer delivering customized workouts for just you and your closest friends.

When will we meet?
Private Boot Camp will be for 1 hour in your backyard or a park of your choice.

What do I need?
An exercise mat, small hand weights (5-8 lbs.), running shoes, and a sense of adventure. You will also want to bring water to keep yourself hydrated during camp. Optional items are a towel to dry off with and gloves or mittens during cooler months. Dress in a layered fashion…even if it is chilly, you will get warm very fast! Make sure you have a good pair of Cross Trainers Sneakers.

What types of exercises are included in the program?
That’s difficult to say since each day is intentionally different to alleviate boredom. You can expect some light running, weight training, obstacle courses, core training and jumping rope each week. On special days, we may take a field trip to a different location. It’s always an adventure, and you’ll always have fun! We teach you a great deal about proper form and “core stability.”

Why should I participate?
You should make a dramatic improvement in your physical well-being. Your body will become more fit and toned, and you will gain more confidence and self-esteem! Private Boot Camp includes programs designed to: firm your butt and thighs, flatten your stomach, reduce body fat, lose inches, reduce stress, and improve posture and increase strength and stamina. In addition, you’ll have the encouragement and support of your friends and the convenience of your workout coming to you!

What is included with the Boot Camp?
Small group training sessions in your backyard with a Certified Personal Trainer (everyone meets at the same place weekly. Workouts can also be done at your favorite park.

Pre/post fitness evaluations to measure progress and discuss fitness goals.

Unlimited phone and email support.

FREE T-shirt (12 sessions and up only).

How do my friends and I sign-up as a group?
During your consultation you and your friends will be given all of the required registration paperwork, your customized Private Boot Camp price and you will reserve the training time that is most convenient for you and your group. You may choose to pay by check or credit card at that time. You also have the option to mail in a check as well, but we cannot schedule your first training session until registration and payment are received.

After I sign up what do I do?
After all of the necessary paperwork and payment has been received then your pre-camp fitness evaluations will be scheduled. It is there that your baseline fitness will be determined. Body weight and composition will be measured as well as your muscular strength, endurance and flexibility. A timed 1 mile walk/run will also be conducted to determine your aerobic endurance.

The results from your comprehensive health screen and fitness tests will then be used to create a complete health and fitness report that will be the framework for your Private Boot Camp plan. All of this is done to ensure that your workouts are customized to your current fitness level and that your training sessions are safe and effective.

What’s next?
Backyard Boot Camp Training! This is where the fun really starts. Your Certified Personal Trainer will lead you and your friends through your customized Private Boot Camp training sessions. Your trainer will hold you accountable to yourself with required completion of your daily nutrition log and for showing up each and every workout (no excuses!). They will also assure that all workouts are safe, effective and help motivate you to reach your fitness goal. You will save time by working out at home and you will enjoy the fun, supportive atmosphere of working out with your friends.

Life is an Adventure…. Train for It! Get to Boot Camp!

 Private Boot Camp Special Rates
of Campers
12-Class Session
Package Rate Per Person
Cost Per Hr
of Instruction
10* $199* $16.58*
6-9 $219 $18.25
5 $249 $20.75
4 $279 $23.25
3 $329 $27.42
2 $399 $33.25
Number of Campers 16-Class Session
Package Rate Per Person
Cost Per Hr
of Instruction
10* $249* $15.56*
6-9 $279 $17.44
5 $319 $19.94
4 $359 $22.44
3 $419 $26.19
2 $499 $31.19
Rates are based upon the number of participants (i.e., “campers”) in your group; the more campers, the lower the rate. * Private boot camps of 10 or more campers qualify for our lowest, standard boot camp package rates.

Rates are based upon the number of participants (i.e., “campers”) in your group; the more campers, the lower the rate. * Private boot camps of 10 or more campers qualify for our lowest, standard boot camp package rates.

Because of overwhelming interest, we can only accommodate a limited number of private boot camps. Submit your request now.