Severe Weather Infos

Atlanta Adventure Boot Camp for Women Severe Weather Infos

What happens if rain is forecasted?
As we all know, weather prediction here in Geogia is “hit or miss” and weather forecasts are often unreliable. We will not cancel camp the night before class when the weatherman predicts a “chance” of rain. It may rain overnight, but whether or not it is raining at 5:30 am remains to be seen until that time.

Just Rain:
We will hold camp if it is just raining and there is no thunder and lightning (see severe thunder-storms below).

Severe Thunderstorms:
We will hold camp as usual if the storms pass through our area and the weather is clear at 5:30 am (or at the time camp is to be held). If it rains at midnight or 3:00 am, we will still have camp in the morning.

We will cancel camp if the storm front is moving though our area or is about to move through at 5:30 am (or at the time camp is to be held). If the storms are severe (i.e., thunder, lightning, strong winds, and/or hail) and it is dangerous to drive in, camp will be cancelled.

Camp cancellations are made as early as possible based upon the current weather conditions. We would prefer not to cancel camp. However, we must take into account the safety of our campers at camp and also driving to and from the camp location and will cancel camp if the conditions are unsafe.

If you have any question about whether or not camp will be held or if it will be held at an alternate location, please contact your camp coach or call the boot camp business line at 770-685-2760

The morning of the camp cancellation, you will receive an email or text message from your coach with additional information about class make-up procedures.