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Adventure Boot Camp changed my life! A few months before my 40 th birthday I decided I needed to make a change in my life. After losing forty pounds on my own, I knew I needed a more formal workout routine to complete my transformation. A friend recommended boot camp and it sounded like fun. I started with a two-week boot camp in May of 2007. I was hooked from day one! The trainers I have worked with are knowledgeable and caring and the boot camp staff has been so supportive. I haven’t missed a camp since I started, The early morning boot camp classes fit into my schedule perfectly. I never thought of myself as a morning person, but I found that I love getting my workout completed first thing in the morning. No matter what else happens during my day, I have given myself an hour devoted to my health and fitness.

I have now lost a total of 110 pounds! I remember that I had to walk during our first mile test in September of 2007 and clocked in at over 12 minutes. Now I can run an 8 minute mile and on Sunday, I have also made some great new fitness-minded friends. We walk and run on the weekends and work out together during the “off” boot camp weeks. I am so grateful that I found Atlanta Adventure Boot Camp!

I’m a stay-at-home mom with 2 little boys. Needless to say, my day revolved around my kids’ schedules, but I noticed that my neglect of myself was beginning to show. So I decided to do something about it and signed up with Atlanta Adventure Boot Camp. My husband and I didn’t think I’d last more than 1 session because I didn’t have energy to do anything. Guess what? I’m now on my 5th session with 5x the energy than when I first started. If you want to get motivated to get started to a healthier & fitter you, this is the way to go…the classes are never boring and the instructor is great example.
R D.Restaurant Manager age 28

I was going to be in a wedding and I needed to drop some pounds. I had been trying, but I knew I needed someone to push me/motivate me as the “gym” just wasn’t doing it for me. I joined boot camp and immediately thought “Oh my, whose idea was this!” Although the first week was enlightening for those unused muscles, by the end of the first week, not only was I feeling better, but my body clock was also catching up to be a morning person! Boot camp keeps me motivated and moving. You can’t help but want to try your best, or at least better than the day before. Boot camp gives you a positive focus. EVERYONE STARTS AT THE SAME TIME AND ENDS AT THE SAME TIME!
age GA State student 25

The nutritional guidance is wonderful too. I can honestly say, if I hadn’t done the boot camp myself, I would not have believed it… I don’t know how many pounds I lost, but I do know that in my first boot camp of 4 weeks, 5 days a week, I went from a size 16 pant to a size 12! I never looked or felt better! I looked fabulous for the wedding and better yet on New Years Eve in my size 12 dress! I have become a believer in proper workout and nutrition. I have continued on to the next session. Following their advice regarding nutrition and cutting out sugar and white flour, I found that having even one cookie was too too sweet for me! I don’t miss the sweets! I have not missed out on anything as on my free day I can have what I want. However, I have learned and now make healthier choices. I am hooked not only on working out first thing in the morning, but the camaraderie that has been formed with the other ladies.
Evangeline G. age 32

BOOT CAMP STATS Camper #1 Camper #2 Camper #3
Body fat %
Pre Camp
Post Camp



Pre Camp
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Mile Run
1rst Weight
4 th Week



Inch(es) Abs
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Post Camp




Inches Hips
Pre Camp
Post Camp



Names have been withheld to protect each individual camper’s privacy. Results are strictly confidential!
Averaged results based on actual campers. Your individual results may vary and will depend on your attendance, physical limition, and nutritional approach during the program. All campers will receive an hour of nutrition guidance to maximize results.
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The boot camp changed what I do and put into my body. I eat better and I actually enjoy working out now. The first week of the boot camp I could barely run 2 laps let alone a mile. Now after 4 weeks of training I can run a mile and a half. I have lost inches, gained endurance and serious muscle in my arms. My attitude is better and my husband says I look great. I feel great and look forward to the next boot camp.
Linda H  age 55

This is an attempt to describe how Boot camp has affected me. I just can not explain why I look forward to getting up at 4:30 to drive 25 minutes to be at boot camp at 5:15. Is it the absolute commitment of our leader???? Is it in the camaraderie of the group attending boot camp????…perhaps all of these but I must say that the coach is the “super glue” I encourage ANYONE considering this program to DO IT! You will NEVER….EVER…want to stop. It is just great. I have no superlatives to describe how great it is….JUST DO IT!
– P.S. I lost 7 inches the first four week session.
Pat D. age 42

Committing to Boot camp started out as a way to “step up” my exercise routine and get myself out of my boring routine of just running every day. I had noticed that even though running has been a part of my life since I was a teen, I was not feeling strong any longer and I was getting injured a lot. Getting involved with Boot camp has changed all that for me. I am no longer bored with my routine and I feel so much stronger now while running and I am no longer getting those dreaded shin splints!!! I have increased my speed and I have the stamina to get through a long run now and feel great just like the way I use to feel as a teen while running cross country. Boot camp has totally made me fall in love with my running routine all over again. I look forward to my long runs now on the weekends!!!!!!! The biggest cherry on top for me though is that all my friends have noticed that I am a lot more tone then I used to be. Also, I feel great in all of my clothes again!!!!!!!
Kate age 61

I started boot camp hoping that this would be just what I needed to kick myself back into gear. I have not exercised on a regular basis (except for a couple of weeks here and there) for the past 4 years. I had previously taught aerobics classes for over 6 years prior to my 4 year hiatus. I have to say that Adventure Boot camp has far exceeded my expectations. By the end of the first 4 weeks I had dropped an entire size in clothing and my endurance level was greatly improved. I have just completed my 2nd boot camp and am excited to start the next session. I can’t imagine not doing this. It has given me a new appreciation for running and exercising outdoors. I love it!
Lisa D. age 21

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“I was completely bored with exercising. I have exercised my whole life and needed a change. It’s great to be excited about my workout program again. I just completed my 3rd camp on Feb. 07. If I can do it you all can too! Just get out & step right on up!”
Barbara Becky, age 68

Since it is only a 4-week class, we do suggest you to attend the full 5-day a week program
for maximum results and overall work-out! You can do it!!!

Women of all fitness levels, sizes, and ages are gaining great results with Adventure Boot Camp! You can too! Maybe you are looking for a jump start to your fitness program. Whether you are a beginner, an avid fitness enthusiast or tired of the same routine, Adventure Boot Camp has the program for you! Soon you will find a whole new approach to fitness…FUN!
Sabrina J. age 46

I have to admit I was a little skeptical about something entitled “Boot Camp”. I envisioned a lot of yelling and not the most nurturing environment. However, since day one of camp, I have been nothing but thrilled to wake up and hang out with my newly acquainted friends. After two camps, I have learned so many new exercises that have stirred muscles I didn’t know I had! The biggest change for me has occurred in my arms, hips and abs. I feel so much leaner and firm. I’m into a size 4 and my energy level has seen a significant boost. So, whether it’s interval training with weights or yoga and Pilates, I look forward to every morning’s new adventure.
Bank Manager age 34

Real Campers Share Their Stories

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5:30 AM! What!!! Are you crazy?” I exclaimed upon hearing the time that my first Boot Camp was to take place. This is also the same response that I get from all of my friends and clients when I explain my daily morning adventure to them. To be honest, that early morning alarm is a sound that hurts both mentally and physically. But within a few minutes, anticipation of the challenges ahead sets in! What a rewarding experience each camp has been for me! I finally have found a work-out regimen that I love. The work-outs are great; the camaraderie between all of the women involved is not only encouraging but cherished.
Attorney. age 37